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Marc Cuniberti commentary: Maritime piracy could spike inflation

In the midst of the ongoing Israeli conflict, the repercussions are beginning to resonate beyond the immediate theatre of war, posing a potential threat to global economic stability.

I worked as an engineer on merchant vessels and my ship was held hostage by pirates for 8 months. I still cherish my career at sea.

Chirag Bahri worked as an engineer on merchant vessels like tankers, bulk carriers, and offshore support vessels from 2003 until 2012.

Piracy attacks in SG Strait reached 6-year high during Covid-19

The lessened surveillance of the areas meant more opportunities for piracy in the Singapore Strait.

The Surprising Link Between Piracy and Covid-19

Poverty, institutional incapacity and budget cuts fuelled a surge in pandemic piracy. The lessons are many.

US supports GAF fight against piracy in Gulf of Guinea

The US is to invest $48 million this year to help train and equip the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to fight piracy and illegal fishing to improve maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea.

Top UN official for Africa calls for added action to stop piracy’s spread

International cooperation is making waves in combatting piracy in West Africa, but addressing its root causes and ensuring sustainable funding must fully eliminate threat, which is spreading to other..

Navy taking on gangs in Colombia’s biggest port

Colombia’s Navy put on a show of force at the weekend in a town whose population is at the mercy of two warring gangs.

Ghana has developed a maritime policy. Here is what it means

Ghana has an abundance of marine resources. They include fisheries, hydrocarbon reserves, inland waterways and ports that are located along important international shipping lanes. These present the..

Equatorial Guinea Detains a VLCC Accused of Oil Theft by Nigeria

A 300,000 dwt VLCC got into a dispute with the Nigerian authorities last week and was ultimately chased down and detained by the navy of neighboring Equatorial Guinea while the dispute is being..

Piracy & the Pandemic: Maritime Crime in Southeast Asia, 2020-22

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 there were concerns that maritime crime in Southeast Asia would surge due to an expected global economic slump. In this picture, vessels are seen..