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China’s growing maritime presence in Egypt's ports and the Suez Canal

China's increasing involvement in Egypt's strategic ports is evident through the participation of both private and state-owned Chinese companies in acquiring, developing, and operating Egyptian..

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Chinese-Philippine Collisions Bring Attention Back to the South China Sea

Twin collisions in the South China Sea are testing Philippine and U.S. resolve toward Chinese gray-zone tactics in the disputed maritime region, but absent more escalatory measures, the United States..

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Philippines Condemns China’s ‘Floating Barrier’ in South China Sea

The Philippines on Sunday [17th] accused China’s coast guard of installing a “floating barrier” in a disputed area of the South China Sea, which it said prevents Filipinos from entering and fishing..

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Towards a Robust Philippines-India Maritime Security Partnership

Since both countries have experienced the impacts of China’s gray zone activities, the sharing of intelligence, information, and best practices will be vital.

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[OPINION] A trilateral option for maritime security: Can the Philippines and Japan make it work?

The region’s geopolitical landscape is about to change, after President Marcos and Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced the possible formation of a security triad involving the Philippines, Japan,..

Philippines urges China to prevent any 'provocative act' after complaint over laser

China should restrain its forces to prevent them committing any "provocative act", the Philippine military said on Monday, after Manila accused China's coast guard of using a laser to try to disrupt..

China tries to charm Southeast Asia

The South China Sea is a treasure trove for the seven states with territorial claims in the area – Brunei, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

US & Philippines conduct maritime threat analysis exchange

The US government, through the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and in partnership with the National Coast Watch Center (NCWC), concluded a weeklong exchange of analytical techniques and best..

Philippines Establishes New Coast Guard Outposts in South China Sea

The new outposts reinforce the presence of Filipino troops in the hotly contested Spratly archipelago.

Japan, Philippines Agree to Boost Security Cooperation

Shared concerns about China’s maritime assertiveness have driven a steady strategic convergence between Tokyo and Manila.