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Dryad Global Annual Report 2022/2023: The War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is the most significant risk event to have disrupted global maritime trade within 2022. The conflict has impacted the shipping industry in several ways, including: restricting..

Time to End Russia’s Black Sea Piracy

Russia’s unilateral Black Sea blockade violates freedom of navigation, threatens global food supplies, and is costing Ukraine and the West billions. It is time to end it.

Russia repelled a mass attack by Ukraine's high-speed marine drones on a reconnaissance warship in the Black Sea

Russian forces fought off a mass attack by Ukrainian high-speed marine drones on a Russian naval ship in the Black Sea, the defense ministry said on Sunday.

Russian ‘ghost ships’ threaten expansion of North Sea wind farms

Nine European countries are seeking to transform the North Sea into the world's biggest green energy hub, while mysterious Russian vessels are said to be mapping the continent’s maritime..

Ukraine says Russia prevents Black Sea grain deal port operating

The Ukrainian port of Pivdennyi has halted operations because Russia is not allowing ships to enter it, in effect cutting it out of a deal allowing safe Black Sea grain exports.

Nord Stream: Report puts Russian navy ships near pipeline blast site

Russian ships able to perform underwater operations were present near to where explosions later took place on the Nord Stream pipelines, according to an investigative documentary.

Russian vessels 'mapping Nordic subsea energy assets'

Russian spy ships have been mapping offshore wind farms, gas pipelines, electricity interconnectors and internet cables in waters around Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden, Denmark's public service..

The threat from Russia's fleet of 'ghost tankers'

The European Council is currently debating the proposal for a new maritime security strategy. The proposed strategy reflects the EU's changing threat environment such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine..

Hundreds of ‘ghost tankers’ in Gulf of Finland pose risk for maritime safety

Unidentified tankers are shipping oil through the Gulf of Finland after the G7 implemented a $60 price cap on Russian oil and the EU and UK imposed a ban on the seaborne import of Russian crude oil..

‘Dark fleet’: Shipbrokers are on thin ice if they ignore Russia sanctions

There was an unusual drop of verbal acid in Andi Case’s roundup of the financial year for the world’s biggest shipbroking firm, Clarksons.