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        Vessel Boarded - 185nm SSW Bayelsa State

        Reporting indicates that a Containership has been attacked 185nm SSW Bayelsa State. 

        Advisory - Gulf of Guinea (Sighting)

        Reporting indicates that a small boat suspected of involvement with piracy has been sighted 202nm SW Brass Port

        Advisory - Gulf of Guinea

        Reporting indicates that a small boat with approx. 8 POB is suspected of involvement with piracy.

        Mozambique: several dead as insurgents seize control of town

        At least one foreign worker among those killed after assault on Palma, near a huge gas project

        Alleged Attack - Israeli Owned Vessel

        Reporting indicates that an Israeli owned vessel has suffered an explosion whilst in transit within the Arabian Sea.

        Approach - 21nm North MINA SAQR

        Reporting indicates that a vessel has reported an approach 21nm North of Mina Saqr port. 

        Libyan National Army Grants Turkish vessels access to Eastern Ports

        The General Command of the Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, announced on Wednesday that they have granted permission for commercial ships carrying the Turkish flag to enter..

        Boarding - 208nm South Lagos

        Reporting indicates that a MV was boarded 208nm South of Lagos. 

        UPDATE - Kidnapping - 213nm South Cotonou

        Reporting indicates that Maltese flagged MT DAVIDE B (IMO9721750) has been boarded by 9 armed individuals 213nm South Cotonou, 15 crew reported kidnapped. 

        Suspicious Approach - 105nm SE Nishtun

        UKMTO reporting indicates that that a vessel has reported being approached by four small craft.