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        Explosion - Gulf of Oman

        Reporting indicates that an explosion has occurred on a vessel in the Gulf of Oman

        False Allegation of Attack - 17nm West Okwori Terminal

        Reporting indicates that claims that an SEV was attacked 17nm West of Okwori resulting in the death of two personnel were false and the result of fictitious reporting. 

        Boarding - 108nm NW Sao Tome

        Reporting indicates that the MT MARIA E has been boarded 108nm SW Sao Tome in the vicinity of the previously reported Hijacked LIANPENGYU 809. 

        Hijacked Vessel Last Known Position

        Reporting indicates that the suspected Hijacked vessel LIANPENGYU 809 has been intercepted by Gabon Navy and escorted into Libreville. 10 Crew are understood to have been kidnapped. 

        Attack - 56 Nm SW Sao Tome

        Reporting indicates that a MV has been attacked approx 56 Nm SW of Sao Tome

        Hijack - 83nm WSW Port Gentil

        Reporting indicates that the Gabon flagged fishing vessel LIANPENGYU  has been hijacked. 

        Attempted Boarding - 74nm SW Port Gentil

        Reporting indicates that the MT SEAKING (IMO:9292187) was approached by a small boat launched from a mother vessel. 

        Boarding - 115nm SW Kribi

        Reporting indicates that the MV SEA PHANTOM (IMO:9326653) has been boarded 115nm off the coast of Kribi, Cameroon.

        Suspicious Approach - 62nm SW Bonny

        Reporting indicates that that the Container vessel MSC PANAYA (IMO9217565) reported a suspicious approach. 

        Boarding - 200nm S Accra

        Reporting indicates that the MV ROWAYTON EAGLE (IMO:9575216) has been boarded 200nm off the coast of Accra, Ghana.