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          South East Asia

          Singapore’s navy tests a new layer of surveillance: unmanned vessels

          Singapore is testing unmanned surface vessels with a locally developed, AI-driven navigation algorithm that could be used for maritime security operations in the congested but strategically important..

          Australian military to continue patrolling South China Sea as China warns Taiwan independence ‘means war’

          Australian military ships and aircraft will continue to patrol the South China Sea amid warnings from China that a declaration of independence by Taiwan would “mean war”. Australia ‘monitoring..

          Continuing Rise in Robbery on Ships in Asia in 2020

          ReCAAP ISC, the regional cooperation to combat incidents against shipping in Asia, issued its annual report highlighting concern over a significant increase in incidents in 2020.  The report details..

          Eastern Sabah Security Zone curfew extended

          TAWAU: The curfew in the waters off seven districts in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone), which ended on the 16th December IS now extended to Dec 31.

          ESSCom forms task force against robbery at sea

          The Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCom) have set up a taskforce team to eradicate robberies at sea which are taking place in the waters of the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (ESSZone).

          Covid-19 accelerates maritime insecurity in the Asia–Pacific

          Asyura Salleh Covid-19 is showing the world how a health crisis can exert disproportionate pressure on existing social and political fissures. The Asia–Pacific maritime environment is no exception,..

          Abu Sayyaf restarts kidnap-for-ransom at sea campaign

          Sam Chambers Splash247 The Philippine Coast Guard is warning a faction of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf is hunting vessels in Southeast Asia again looking for kidnap-for-ransom targets. 

          South East Asia - Straits of Malacca

          Complex and Challenging  The maritime security picture in South-East Asia is a complex interplay of prolific low-level maritime crime, juxtaposed against significant regional geopolitical challenges...