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The Evolving Iranian-Houthi Relationship Spells Trouble for Ending the Yemen Conflict

On January 6, the United States intercepted 2,000 assault weapons on their way from Iran to Yemen. Nine days later, a French ship seized another boatload of Iranian weapons on its way to Yemen. This..

Bridge Watch: FSO Safer, a decaying supertanker posing a grave environmental & humanitarian threat

In this week's Bridge Watch, CEO Corey Ranslem discusses the looming environmental and humanitarian threat posed by the FSO Safer.

The Yemen Conundrum

The United States wants to end the war in Yemen, but given its lack of leverage over the Houthis, the few policy options it does have will likely make the situation worse.

Yemeni authorities plan to build a $130 million port

Bloomberg reports, citing Deputy Transport Minister Nasser al-Sharif, that Yemeni authorities intend to start building a port in the Qishn region, east of Al-Mahra province, within two months, at an..

Incident - Ash Shihr Port Yemen

Reporting indicates that the Marshall Islands tanker M/T NISSOS KEA (IMO9920758) was involved in an incident on approach to the Ash Shihr port in Yemen.

Metis Insights: Yemen's Failed Truce

Yemen’s warring sides have failed to reach an agreement to extend a nationwide ceasefire. What does this mean for the maritime domain?

Work on FSO Safer Will Begin Within Weeks

UN officials during a media briefing at the headquarters during the beginning of the General Session reported that work on the decaying FSO Safer positioned off the coast of Yemen is expected to..

Houthis announce end of truce, threaten oil companies in region

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen announced Saturday that attempts to reach an understanding during a six-month ceasefire with Saudi Arabia that expires Sunday had reached a "dead end."

How to Avert an Imminent Disaster off Yemen’s Red Sea Coast

Crisis Group calls on governments, international institutions and affluent private individuals to reach into their pockets as a matter of extreme urgency to help stave off a disaster of dramatic..

Saudi-led Coalition welcomes 2 month truce in Yemen

The warring sides in Yemen's seven-year conflict have for the first time in years agreed a nationwide truce, which would also allow fuel imports into Houthi-held areas and some flights operating from..