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        Yemen (4)

        Mixed Migration Update East Africa & Yemen

        Key updates include insights into the conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region which is spurring mass displacement: More than 56,000 Ethiopians have now fled to neighbouring Sudan due to fighting.   •..

        Yemen: Saudi-led coalition announce power sharing government

        The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen announced on Friday a new power-sharing cabinet that would include southern separatists in the internationally-recognised government, part of a deal to end a..

        Arab Coalition destroys two Houthi explosive-laden boats

        The Arab Coalition said late Wednesday its forces intercepted and destroyed two bomb-laden boats belonging to Iran-backed Houthi militia.

        Attack - 35nm South West of Nishtun

        Reporting indicates that an MV was attacked approximately 35nm SW of Nishtun. 

        Oil Tanker Owner Says Ship Attacked in Saudi Arabian Red Sea

        An oil tanker came under attack while at a Saudi Arabian terminal in the Red Sea about 125 miles north of the country’s border with Yemen, according to the vessel’s owner.

        Ethiopia: Observers fear huge consequences for the Horn of Africa

        Tigray is at war again, this time with the federal government in Addis Ababa, and observers fear it could escalate — with huge consequences for the Horn of Africa, after Abiy Ahmed, the prime..

        Piracy Attacks On Oil Facilities: Are US Vessels a target?

        It has not received a lot of attention from the media or U.S. policymakers to this point, but the oil and gas business has a growing global issue related to offshore and at-sea piracy. While such..

        Coalition forces in Yemen foil Houthi boatbomb attack

        Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen intercepted and destroyed a remote-controlled boat rigged with explosives in Hodeidah governorate on Sunday, the alliance's joint command said.

        Yemen seizes boat loaded with weapons in Red Sea

        AL-MUKALLA: Yemen coastguards in the Red Sea have seized a boat loaded with three tons of ammunition, as the country intensifies sea patrols to intercept Iranian weapon shipments to the Houthis.

        Yemen's Houthi rebels agree to give UN access to abandoned tanker

        Al Jazeera - Yemen's Houthi rebels have agreed to allow the United Nations access to a stranded oil tanker that risks causing an environmental disaster off the coast of the war-divided country,..