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Houthi maritime attacks signal alarming rise in piracy sophistication, require urgent global response

In a concerning development, recent Houthi attacks at sea indicate a level of sophistication and training previously unseen in maritime piracy.

Iran’s Proxies in Yemen Are a Danger We Can’t Ignore

Attacks on military bases manned by U.S. Armed Forces and defense contractors in the Middle East, carried out by Iran-backed proxies, have reached a total of 66 since October 17.

The Viability of a Partitioned Yemen: Challenges to a Houthi State

For all the Houthis’ success during the war, it is unclear if they can transition into an effective government.

The Growing Battle for South Yemen

Now that the war against the Houthis appears to be nearing an end, the head of the Southern Transitional Council is making his move to push for Southern independence.

The battle for control of Yemen's ports

The maritime objectives of Saudi Arabia and the UAE have played a key role in determining the war's direction, with control over Yemen's ports a major driver of the military and diplomatic strategies..

'Risk is high': ship arrives to pump oil from Yemen tanker

The delicate operation to transfer 1.14 million barrels of Marib Light crude to the Nautica, bought by the United Nations for the operation, is expected to begin in the coming days.

UN says insurance coverage secured to salvage rusting oil tanker off Yemen

The United Nations has secured an insurance coverage to start a ship-to-ship transfer of 1.1 barrels of crude from a rusting tanker moored off the coast of war-torn Yemen — oil that could cause a..

War in Yemen and risks to shipping

Despite the removal of the Indian Ocean high-risk piracy area at the beginning of 2023, security in the area is at risk from other threats. Notably, the civil war in Yemen is a primary driver of..

Saudi Arabia’s Big Bet in Yemen

Saudi Arabia is understandably desperate to get out of Yemen. But gambling that ending Yemen’s regional war will somehow curtail its civil war is a bad bet.

Countering Smuggling in the Arabian Sea: Multinational Approach Delivering Results

On December 27, 2022, while patrolling the Arabian Sea, the French frigate FNS Guépratte intercepted a fishing vessel aiming to smuggle illegal drugs. Laden with roughly 7,700 pounds of hashish and..