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Pentagon: No ‘Drop’ in Iran Threat to Ships, As F-35s and Harriers Keep Flying over the Gulf

More than a month after the Pentagon announced it was sending Air Force F-35s, thousands of U.S. Marines and Sailors, and American warships to the Persian Gulf region in response to Iran’s attempted..

Iran-Arab Gulf Joint Naval Force and China’s ‘Collective Security Architecture’

The imploding geopolitical core of West Asia frequently spews out explosive new threats and unstable strategic alliances that often fizzle out in time. Many grandiose initiatives, such as the..

Countering Smuggling in the Arabian Sea: Multinational Approach Delivering Results

On December 27, 2022, while patrolling the Arabian Sea, the French frigate FNS Guépratte intercepted a fishing vessel aiming to smuggle illegal drugs. Laden with roughly 7,700 pounds of hashish and..

Lamu Kenya Navy Base A Big Boost For Maritime Security, Blue Economy

The new Kenya Navy Base in Manda Bay, Lamu County will greatly boost Kenya’s counter-terrorism efforts while strengthening the country’s ability to secure her maritime domain, crucial to attaining..