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        Removing Russian Sea Mines Near Key Ukraine Ports Could Take Months

        Removing sea mines near Ukraine’s key ports could take months, and hundreds of seafarers are still stranded in the region following Russia’s invasion of the country, according to the United Nations..

        Blue Safe Maritime Corridor Considered

        The International Maritime Organization (IMO) held an extraordinary session of its Council (C/ES.35) on 10 and 11 March to address the impacts on shipping and seafarers of the situation in the Black..

        Geneva Declaration launched to safeguard human rights at sea

        The Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea has been launched to define and defend the human rights of the global maritime population and those crossing the world’s oceans and seas.

        Seafearers without permits to be poured out of Kenyan waters

        All seafarers seeking to venture into deep sea on Kenya’s territorial waters will be required to be certified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)and the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA).

        Crew change crisis: IMO member states need to act

        Conditions for crew changes around the world have improved in the last six months, but not by enough. The global shipping community needs to maintain its pressure on IMO member states, says Ian Boyd,..

        Abandoned Crew Forced To Collect Rain Water To Survive

        Luis Alberto Veloso is one of four abandoned seafarers on board the Togo-flagged MV Onda who has gone one year without pay. The ship and its crew are abandoned in the port of Douala, Cameroon by Amin..