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          South China Sea News

          More undersea activity in South China Sea increase risk after crash

          Submarines proliferating in the South China Sea are increasing risks in already treacherous waters, security experts said Friday, a day after the Navy announced an undersea collision in the..

          US MARAD security warning update:Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Western Indian Ocean

          Regional conflict, heightened military activity, and increased political tensions pose threats to merchant vessels operating in the above geographic areas.


          The China Coast Guard (CCG) is growing in capability, capacity, and confidence.

          Philippines promises to ignore China maritime law as tension spikes

          Amid China's growing military assertiveness, the Philippines has promised that it will ignore Beijing's amended maritime law, which now requires foreign vessels sailing in the South China Sea to..

          Beijing demands Cargo details when entering Chinese waters

          Tanker owners coming near to China have more paperwork to complete. China is flexing its muscle in the South China Sea at a time where the US and allies are conducting military procedures in the..

          China rejects South China Sea tribunal verdict

          A defiant China on Monday dismissed the 2016 verdict of the international tribunal on the South China Sea conflict, rejecting its claims over the area as a piece of "waste paper" and brushed aside..

          Indonesia, U.S break ground on joint strategic maritime centre

          Indonesia and the United States have broken ground on a new $3.5 million maritime training centre in the strategic area of Batam, in the Riau Islands, Indonesia's maritime security agency said.

          Foreign Secretary warns of growing threat of terrorism in Africa

          Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will announce new UK funding to fight the growing threat of terrorism in West Africa.

          China's maritime militia breaks rules and charts course for global dominance

          China's quest to become a maritime superpower has turned its massive fishing fleet into a floating militia that actively engages in aggressive, and often illegal, practices at sea.

          ‘Dark’ ships off Argentina ring alarms over possible illegal fishing

          Last year, news of a fleet of about 300 Chinese fishing vessels swarming around the Galápagos Islands, possibly to fish illegally, grabbed the attention of the world.