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South China Sea News

While the China threat grabs the headlines these are the maritime issues Southeast Asians want to talk about

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong delivered a stark admonition to Southeast Asian leaders, cautioning of a potential "devastating" conflict over the South China Sea unless diplomatic and legal..

Managing the Complex Maritime Disputes That Divide China and the US

Amidst the volatility between China and the U.S., Taiwan stands as a pivotal concern, but the maritime arena follows closely. American leaders aim to "manage" relations with China, safeguarding the..

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US, Chinese diplomats meet in Beijing to discuss maritime issues including South China Sea

In a sign of a slight thaw in relations, senior officials from the United States and China engaged in talks in Beijing to discuss maritime issues in the disputed South China and East China seas. The..

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What Is at Stake For the EU in the South China Sea?

Both ASEAN and its European counterpart have strong incentives to strengthen their cooperation on maritime security issues amid increasing Sino-American frictions.

'We reject the unlawful maritime claims...' US on 2023 Edition of China's Standard Map

The United States on Tuesday (5th Sept.) rejected the so-called "standard map" claims by China and called on the nation to comport with its maritime claims in the South China Sea and elsewhere. In a..

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Towards a Robust Philippines-India Maritime Security Partnership

Since both countries have experienced the impacts of China’s gray zone activities, the sharing of intelligence, information, and best practices will be vital.

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US Navy Releases RFI For Pacific Training Support Vessels

The US Navy released a Request For Information (RFI) on August 28th for a new class of training vessels dubbed the Pacific Training Support Vessel (PTSV). The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)..

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As Australia strengthens its ties with the Philippines, it’s wading even further into the dangerous South China Sea

At the end of last week, 1,200 Australian troops took part in a joint military exercise in the Philippines with hundreds of Filipino and American forces. Their mission: simulating the retaking of an..

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Laser and Water Cannon Diplomacy in the South China Sea

The South China Sea dispute presents several relatively new phenomena in the modern study of relations among nations. In this seven-country disagreement, we can see how a country deliberately built..

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Keeping tabs on China’s murky maritime manoeuvres

America and its allies are using whizzy new tools to track China’s military activity and illegal fishing. IN JANUARY 2021 a fleet of Chinese fishing vessels approached the coast of Oman, apparently..

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