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        South China Sea News

        China, Cambodia breaking ground on joint port project

        Cambodia denied again Tuesday that it will allow any Chinese military presence at a port where it and China are beginning an expansion this week that has prompted concern in the United States and..

        Quad nations plan tracking for China illegal fishing in Indo-Pacific

        India, the United States, Japan and Australia have planned to launch a satellite-based maritime security system at the Quad summit in Tokyo to check China’s illegal fishing in the Indo-Pacific region.

        EU eyes Indo Pacific as global maritime security hub

        The European Union is shifting to become a “global maritime security actor”—expanding its sphere of influence to the Indo-Pacific region which may include the hotly contested South China Sea and East..

        Philippines Establishes New Coast Guard Outposts in South China Sea

        The new outposts reinforce the presence of Filipino troops in the hotly contested Spratly archipelago.

        Not all maritime disputes are built the same

        Maritime disputes in Southeast Asia should be viewed less as a single big basket of problems, and more as smaller individual problems with their own corresponding solutions. There is not a..

        China's security deal with Solomon Islands raises alarm in Pacific

        China could send forces to help in 'maintaining social order,' draft agreement says.

        Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines praise ‘zero kidnapping’ anti-piracy naval patrols

        Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have lauded the success of a 2017 agreement to conduct joint patrols and share intelligence about activities in waters in their region once prone to..

        EU offers encrypted tool to fight maritime security threats in Indo-Pacific

        The European Union is seeking to ramp up its maritime security influence in the Indo-Pacific by offering access to a web-based platform that enables member countries’ navies and coastguards to..

        China does not have it all its way in the South China Sea

        Disputes in the South China Sea go back decades. They involve Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam, all with contesting claims.

        China’s maritime law in the South China Sea

        Apart from military power, China has been using a variety of political, economic and legal tools to further gain control of the South China Sea (also known as the East Sea).