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Did Russia commit a war crime in leaving the Ukraine grain deal?

On July 17, Russia announced that it had withdrawn from the Black Sea Grain Initiative (“the Initiative”), a deal brokered in 2022 by the United Nations (UN) and Turkey that allowed Ukraine to safely..

NATO Convoys Can Protect Ukraine’s Grain Harvest From Putin

In addition to ending Russian participation in the grain deal — which was brokered with the aid of the United Nations and Turkey — Putin said he may begin attacking grain ships still plying the..

Why the Black Sea Grain Initiative must be restored

Recently, Russia announced that it would suspend its participation in the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the landmark diplomatic deal brokered by the United Nations and Türkiye that allowed for the..

A New Strategy for the Black Sea

Since the war began in 2022, Ukraine has fitfully exported its grain to the world market, with Russia often interrupting, or threatening to interrupt, this flow. Foreign policy experts Bradford..

Dryad Global Annual Report 2022/2023: The War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is the most significant risk event to have disrupted global maritime trade within 2022. The conflict has impacted the shipping industry in several ways, including: restricting..

Urgent need for continued support of Ukrainian seafarers: Stella Maris

Following the Day of the Seafarer on Sunday 25 June charity Stella Maris says there is an urgent need to continue supporting Ukrainian seafarers as conflict rages on.

Time to End Russia’s Black Sea Piracy

Russia’s unilateral Black Sea blockade violates freedom of navigation, threatens global food supplies, and is costing Ukraine and the West billions. It is time to end it.

Dryad Global Annual Report 2022/2023: The State of Maritime Security

Dryad Global's Annual Report 2022/2023: The State of Maritime Security is released today. Inside you'll find the latest intelligence on analysis on the Gulf of Mexico, Libya, Ukraine, South East..

Russia repelled a mass attack by Ukraine's high-speed marine drones on a reconnaissance warship in the Black Sea

Russian forces fought off a mass attack by Ukrainian high-speed marine drones on a Russian naval ship in the Black Sea, the defense ministry said on Sunday.

Ukraine says Russia prevents Black Sea grain deal port operating

The Ukrainian port of Pivdennyi has halted operations because Russia is not allowing ships to enter it, in effect cutting it out of a deal allowing safe Black Sea grain exports.