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A Russian Lake: Has the West ceded the Black Sea to Russia?

The Black Sea, once touted as a contested maritime space, now stands as a stark example of Russian dominance, epitomized by the boarding of the Palau-flagged freighter Şükrü Okan in 2023.

Red Sea crisis is a warning that we must invest in our maritime capability

In the ongoing operations in the Red Sea against the Iranian-backed Houthis, led by the United States and the United Kingdom and supported by other nations such as the Netherlands, Bahrain, Canada,..

Maintaining Red Sea security is a regional and international necessity

The current conflicts and security tensions in the Red Sea region are not just local concerns; they reverberate globally, impacting maritime transport, shipping costs, and economic activities.

Past and present parallels to Red Sea risks

Recent legal debates surrounding incidents like the attack on the Marlin Luanda and the UK Supreme Court's ruling in The Polar illuminate the intricate challenges confronting shipowners, charterers,..

Rising Geopolitical Risks and Declining Maritime Security in the Red Sea

The escalating Houthi attacks in the Red Sea region are amplifying economic and security concerns for the U.S. and its allies, profoundly impacting maritime security and disrupting the global supply..

Russia has turned the Black Sea into a minefield. What should be done about this?

The Black Sea has become a perilous minefield over nearly two years of conflict, posing a grave threat to Ukrainian civilian shipping and the export of Ukrainian grain, as well as endangering the..

The Complex Dynamics Surrounding the U.S. Naval Task Force in the Red Sea

In response to escalating threats and disruptions to maritime security in the Red Sea, the United States has formed a dedicated naval task force to counter the influence of Iranian-backed militias.

The Battle To Clear The Black Sea Of Mines – Analysis

In late December, a Panama-flagged cargo ship en route to a Danube River port for grain loading, a crucial export for war-affected Ukraine, was rocked by an explosion in the Black Sea.

Ukraine's Black Sea grain export success tested by Red Sea crisis

Ukraine has achieved a notable resurgence in Black Sea grain exports, reaching pre-invasion levels, despite facing a new challenge with the Red Sea shipping crisis.

Outsourcing Surveillance: A Cost-Effective Strategy to Maintain Maritime Supremacy

In today's militaristic maritime landscape, surveillance stands as a pivotal element, allowing militaries to comprehend the movements and vulnerabilities of both allies and foes. The Russo-Ukrainian..

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