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Tracking Dark Vessels

EO and geospatial intelligence plays a key role in thwarting illicit maritime activities, promoting sustainability, accountability, and transparency. A conversation with Tony Long, Chief Executive..

How NATO can keep pace with hybrid threats in the Black Sea region and beyond

Russian attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure in recent months have highlighted the devastating impact of twenty-first-century warfare and the resulting vulnerability of civilian life. A major..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 9th January 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 9th January 2023.

Yemeni authorities plan to build a $130 million port

Bloomberg reports, citing Deputy Transport Minister Nasser al-Sharif, that Yemeni authorities intend to start building a port in the Qishn region, east of Al-Mahra province, within two months, at an..

Insurers end war-risk cover for shipping across Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

The move comes as a result of reinsurers exiting the region in the face of heavy financial losses. However, Dryad Global believe that other war risk insurers will still be available to provide cover.

Anti-Maritime Piracy Bill 2022: A Game-Changer For Shipping Industry Security?

The legislation will apply to India's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which extends to 200 nautical miles from the coastline, and penalty for piracy includes the death sentence.

NNPC’s Private Security Contractor Intercepts More Vessels With Stolen Crude Oil

Through two separate operations, Tantita Security Services which is the private security contractor engaged by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd has intercepted a Barge and Truck with..

Welcome 2023: Industry’s wishes for a sustainable shipping

New year, new shipping! A brand-new year is a time for reinvention for many. And 2023 isn’t any different. With the start of a new year, it is a great opportunity to take the time to reflect on the..

Disconnects Pose a Significant Challenge to Maritime Cyber Risk

Shipping has changed more in the last two years than it did in the entire decade before that. Digitalization has given the industry new ways of working that have kept world trade moving through a..

Product Tankers: Middle East and US to the EU Will be a Dominant Trade Route Moving Forward

The product tanker market is expected to benefit significantly from the sanctions imposed on Russian crude and products, like diesel and gasoline.