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        Gulf of Mexico

        Vessel Robbery Offshore Dos Bocas

        A "pirate" attack was recorded around midnight this Sunday on the OSV CREST TARASCO, belonging to the Protexa company, which carries out work in the Gulf of Mexico.

        Pirates strike Campeche oil platform

        Armed thieves attacked a privately-owned oil platform in the south of the Gulf of Mexico late Monday and made away with equipment and personal belongings of rig workers.

        Counter Narcotics: Drug Smuggling in Commercial Shipping

        Illicit drug producers continue to develop complex trafficking patterns, targeting commercial vessels and their crew to transit their supply through multiple stopover and transit points. The safety..

        What is the nature of risk to commercial operations within the Gulf of Mexico?

        The probability of maritime crime and piracy within the Gulf of Mexico negatively impacting commercial operators is low. However, a concerning trend is emerging in the Southern Gulf of Mexico states..

        Oil Pirates Dangerously Close To U.S. Waters

        Piracy is an age-old problem in the energy industry, often seen in West Africa and other regions of the world. However, following the rise of the phenomenon during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, pirates..

        Trump's Final Offshore Lease Shows Gulf of Mexico’s Long Future

        The Trump administration’s final sale of oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico generated nearly $121 million in high bids, an improvement from the last government auction held just as the..

        Ethiopia: Observers fear huge consequences for the Horn of Africa

        Tigray is at war again, this time with the federal government in Addis Ababa, and observers fear it could escalate — with huge consequences for the Horn of Africa, after Abiy Ahmed, the prime..

        Piracy Attacks On Oil Facilities: Are US Vessels a target?

        It has not received a lot of attention from the media or U.S. policymakers to this point, but the oil and gas business has a growing global issue related to offshore and at-sea piracy. While such..

        Maritime piracy in Mexico… a ticking time bomb

        MEXICO CITY (Informex) – Communication equipment, diving equipment, tools, wiring, metal caps, navigation instruments, watches, cell phones, and even wallets, stolen by groups of pirates from oil..

        Oil rig workers off Mexico defenceless in face of pirate attacks

        Working on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is not for the faint-hearted.