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          Gulf of Oman

          Attack on MT MERCER STREET (IMO9539585)

          Reporting indicates that the Liberian flagged MT MERCER STREET (IMO 9539585) has been attacked approximately 152nm NE Al Duqm, Oman.

          How illicit Trade destabilises the Swahili Coast

          The ancient trade routes of East Africa’s Swahili Coast – a 3,000 kilometre littoral stretching from Somalia in the north to Northern Mozambique in the south – is riddled with illegal trading. These..

          Iran gears up to use new oil exports terminal

          Oil has arrived at Iran’s new exports facility off the Sea of Oman and is ready for loading as scheduled according to the National Iranian Oil Co. 

          Alleged Attack - Israeli Owned Vessel

          Reporting indicates that an Israeli owned vessel has suffered an explosion whilst in transit within the Arabian Sea.

          Israeli officials said to push calmer waters with Iran after alleged ship blasts

          Senior security officials have recommended that Israel work to deescalate a stand-off with Iran in which both sides have accused each other of recently attacking merchant ships, damaging them with..

          Increase in attacks on ships in the Middle East

          Recent tensions at sea include allegations by Iran that Israel has carried out an attack on one of its cargo ships in the Mediterranean.

          Explosion - Gulf of Oman

          Reporting indicates that an explosion has occurred on a vessel in the Gulf of Oman