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Houthi threat to Israel, threatens maritime security in volatile Middle-East

The escalating threat posed by Iran-backed Houthi insurgents in the Red Sea has raised concerns about maritime security in the volatile Middle East.

Assessing Yemen as a Second Front in the Gaza War

In recent events, Yemen's Houthi rebels hijacked a cargo ship indirectly linked to Israel, signaling their alliance with Hezbollah and Hamas in opposing Israel's actions in Gaza. The hijacking of the..

Houthi militia risk dragging America into a new global war

The Houthi militia in Yemen is posing a significant risk that could potentially drag the United States into a new global war.

Houthi maritime attacks signal alarming rise in piracy sophistication, require urgent global response

In a concerning development, recent Houthi attacks at sea indicate a level of sophistication and training previously unseen in maritime piracy.

Iran’s Proxies in Yemen Are a Danger We Can’t Ignore

Attacks on military bases manned by U.S. Armed Forces and defense contractors in the Middle East, carried out by Iran-backed proxies, have reached a total of 66 since October 17.

Israel’s Maritime Industry Asks The Government To Aid With Jump In War Insurance

The escalating conflict in Gaza has led to a tenfold increase in war risk premiums for ships bound for Israel, prompting industry stakeholders to seek government assistance in ensuring the continued..

Israel Attacks - Impact on Maritime Domain

Tensions between Israel and Palestine have risen substantially in the past 12 days.