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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard unveils unmanned ‘smart submarines'

Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guard has added “smart submarines,” unmanned underwater vehicles, to its navy for the first time, state TV reports.

Denmark's Anti-Piracy Effort in the GoG Ends

Denmark will withdraw its frigate from the Gulf of Guinea due to the current situation in Ukraine.

France intercepts Russian Cargo Ship

French officials say marines patrolling the English Channel area have intercepted a cargo ship sailing under the Russian flag and escorted it to the port of Boulogne-Sur-Mer for an investigation.

EU eyes Indian Ocean naval adventure

Europe is preparing to boost its naval presence in the north west Indian Ocean "to uphold freedom of navigation" in the world's trade jugular.

‘Dramatic uptick’ in Iran’s drone use

Over the past few years, Iran has “significantly” increased its use of unmanned aerial vehicles, the US Navy’s 5th Fleet Commander said today.

EU anti-piracy mission risks ejection from Somalia

The EU's flagship naval operation risks losing permission to pursue pirates in Somalia's waters due to local politics.

Is the Global Supply Chain the Next Big Cyber Target?

“Cyberwarfare is the greatest threat to the maritime transportation system,” warns U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mauger, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy. “The safe flow of global..

UN renews anti-piracy ships off Somalia for only 3 months

The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Friday to allow international naval forces to continue using all necessary means to fight piracy off the coast of Somalia — but only for the next three..

More undersea activity in South China Sea increase risk after crash

Submarines proliferating in the South China Sea are increasing risks in already treacherous waters, security experts said Friday, a day after the Navy announced an undersea collision in the..

Crew change crisis: IMO member states need to act

Conditions for crew changes around the world have improved in the last six months, but not by enough. The global shipping community needs to maintain its pressure on IMO member states, says Ian Boyd,..