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        US offshore oil & gas installation at 'increasing' risk of cyberattack

        The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has warned that the time to act on securing the US's offshore oil and natural gas installations is now because they are under "increasing" and..

        ‘Dark Ships’ Spotted In The Nord Stream Mystery

        Two vessels that had their automatic identification systems (AIS) switched off reportedly sailed close to the leak sites of the Nord Stream 2 pipelines a few days before those were ripped open due to..

        EU Wants to Secure Subsea Infrastructure, But Agreement Looks Far Off

        In response to the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, the protection of critical maritime infrastructure has gained a newfound priority in the EU.

        Gulf Countries on the Front Line of Energy Security

        The conflict in Ukraine has brought about a change in the psychology and geography of the oil and gas markets, and the ramifications will be felt across the energy complex for years.

        Israel-Lebanon maritime deal juggles region’s security

        Israel and Lebanon are expected to sign on to a Washington-mediated maritime border deal at a ceremony in Israel as early as Thursday, after the country’s highest court turned down a petition by..

        Fearing Sabotage, Germany Strengthens Maritime Security Patrols

        Germany's police forces are upping protection for maritime infrastructure after the recent attacks on the Nord Stream pipeline complex, which cut three of the four subsea pipelines between Russia and..

        Fuel for Thought: North Sea oil drone threat prophesied in Middle East

        North Sea waters have been considered one of the world's most secure offshore basins for producing crude, until now.

        Norway Steps Up Security for Offshore Oil and Gas

        With the help of its NATO allies, the government of Norway is stepping up the security presence around the nation's oil and gas infrastructure, offshore and onshore.

        Denmark tightens security after Nord Stream pipelines damaged

        No cause yet determined for apparent ruptures on three of four gas-export lines to Germany.

        Where Is the Most Dangerous Offshore Region for Oil, Gas Right Now?

        The answer to that question really depends on the sector of oil and gas where you work, Dryad Global Chief Executive Officer Corey Ranslem told Rigzone.