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Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean Attacks Expose Africa’s Maritime Vulnerability

The Red Sea has become a hotspot of maritime insecurity, with the Houthi militia in Yemen orchestrating a series of attacks since November 2023.

Chinese aggression ramps up in the South China Sea

In 2023, the South China Sea witnessed an alarming surge in Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) and maritime militia activities, igniting heightened maritime tensions, notably around the Philippines.

Impact of Red Sea crisis on Africa – red flag or red herring?

The Red Sea crisis poses significant economic challenges for African countries, compounding existing issues stemming from COVID-19 and the Ukraine conflict.

While the China threat grabs the headlines these are the maritime issues Southeast Asians want to talk about

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong delivered a stark admonition to Southeast Asian leaders, cautioning of a potential "devastating" conflict over the South China Sea unless diplomatic and legal..

Does Vietnam-Philippines Maritime Cooperation Offer a Template for the Region?

The recent state visit of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to Hanoi underscored the deepening strategic alignment between the Philippines and Vietnam concerning maritime security and the..

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Maritime power shapes the world order – and is undergoing a sea change

Recent attacks by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on commercial and military vessels in the Red Sea have rekindled concerns about maritime security.

China is testing its freeriding strategy in the Red Sea

The meeting between senior diplomats from Iran and Saudi Arabia at a China-brokered summit last year marked a surprising turn in diplomatic relations.

Are China’s actions in the South China Sea a harbinger of things to come for Taiwan?

Off the coast of Palawan in the Philippines lies the Second Thomas Shoal, housing the Sierra Madre, a decaying World War II-era vessel, pivotal to Philippine control.

Unlocking the Minilateral Paradigm for ASEAN Maritime Security Cooperation

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) currently faces many time-sensitive challenges, maritime security chief among them.

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Philippines Seeks Greater Regional Cooperation on South China Sea Disputes

Amidst escalating tensions in the South China Sea, the Philippines seeks to foster regional cooperation by engaging with neighboring nations like Malaysia and Vietnam. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr...

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