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EU Aspides force lacks ships to protect Red Sea maritime traffic

In early April, there was a notable reduction in Houthi rebel attacks on commercial vessels in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

65 countries affected by Houthi attacks in Red Sea, including Iran: US intelligence

The Iran-backed Houthi group, operating from Yemen, has significantly disrupted maritime security and international trade in the Red Sea.

Battles in the Black Sea Changing the Character of Naval Warfare, Experts Say

The Ukrainian-designed and built Magura V5 unmanned surface drones have significantly disrupted Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

The Red Sea attacks highlight the erosion of US leadership in the region

Six months into the Biden administration's Operation Prosperity Guardian, aimed at ensuring freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, the primary challenge has not been the Houthi threat but the failure..

Saudi Arabia Has a Red Sea Vision, Not Yet a Strategy

Since the mid-2010s, Saudi Arabia has centered its foreign policy on the Red Sea, driven by domestic, regional, and international dynamics.


Alfred Thayer Mahan’s principles, though conceived in a different era, resonate in the current maritime context, particularly in the Red Sea where the Houthis’ disruption of maritime trade..

Intelligence Brief: China Controls the South China Sea

The South China Sea, now essentially controlled by China, sees several million barrels per day of oil and other goods transit through its waters.

Operation Aspides: The European Union’s Response to the Red Sea Crisis

In response to escalating Houthi attacks on maritime vessels in the Red Sea and northwestern Indian Ocean, the European Union launched EU Naval Force Operation Aspides on February 19.

The U.S. perspective on Black Sea security

In recent years, the Black Sea has emerged from relative obscurity to a focal point of strategic interest, prompting renewed attention from the United States.

Dryad Flags Red Sea 'Electronic Warfare' Alert

In Dryad Global's recent Maritime Security Threat Advisory (MSTA), we highlighted a concerning "electronic warfare/interference" alert in the Red Sea.