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Israel divides the Middle East

In the Middle East, a complex power struggle is underway among three key states: Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, all with varying degrees of hostility towards Israel.

Israel’s Maritime Industry Asks The Government To Aid With Jump In War Insurance

The escalating conflict in Gaza has led to a tenfold increase in war risk premiums for ships bound for Israel, prompting industry stakeholders to seek government assistance in ensuring the continued..

UN says insurance coverage secured to salvage rusting oil tanker off Yemen

The United Nations has secured an insurance coverage to start a ship-to-ship transfer of 1.1 barrels of crude from a rusting tanker moored off the coast of war-torn Yemen — oil that could cause a..

Asia war risk premium seen mostly firm on Persian Gulf concerns

Maritime war risk premiums for commercial shipping are expected to remain firm over the next several months, if not years, due to prevailing geopolitical risks and even the country of ownership and..

Insurers end war-risk cover for shipping across Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

The move comes as a result of reinsurers exiting the region in the face of heavy financial losses. However, Dryad Global believe that other war risk insurers will still be available to provide cover.

BIMCO to revise War Risk Clauses

Work to revise the BIMCO War Cancellation Clause 2004, the BIMCO War Risks Clause for Time Chartering 2013 (CONWARTIME 2013) and the BIMCO War Risks Clause for Voyage Chartering 2013 (VOYWAR 2013)..

Bridge Watch: Designated High-Risk Areas

In this week’s Bridge Watch, Dryad Global CEO Corey Ranslem talks about High-Risk Areas.

Ship Insurance Claims to Rise as Black Sea Remains High Risk Area

Global insurers are expected to receive multiple marine insurance claims from ships damaged or lost as the conflict in Ukraine spills over into sea lanes, insurer Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty..

Black Sea Ship Insurance Rates Continue To Rise Alongside Dangers To Commercial Shipping

The costs of insuring merchant ships sailing to ports in the Black Sea has spiralled out of control, becoming a huge potential impediment to the movement of Russian cargoes from the region.

Dryad Global secures strategic partnership with CR International

Dryad Global secures strategic partnership with CR International to deliver intelligence led insurance solutions.