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Seychelles Demonstrates How Smaller Nations Can Effectively Combat Piracy

Earlier this year, the Seychelles Coast Guard vessel, Topaz, was diverted to respond to a Somali pirate attack on a Sri Lankan fishing trawler near the Seychelles exclusive economic zone.

Security, surveillance, protection from maritime crime and piracy in Southeast Asia

Over the past two decades, Southeast Asia's sea lanes, once notorious for pirate activity, have seen significant improvements in security.

Shipping supply chains in Asia are being tested by global crises

In recent years, global maritime supply chains have faced numerous disruptions, challenging their resilience.

The Reliability of the Panama Canal in Times of Volatility

At the World Energy Congress in Rotterdam, industry leaders and government officials discussed the complexities and opportunities in today's volatile energy landscape.

Facing up to China’s Hybrid Warfare in the Pacific

The People's Republic of China has registered 26 China Coast Guard (CCG) vessels to operate in the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) Convention Area, marking the first such..

Sweden’s NATO Membership Unlocks the Baltic Sea for Alliance, Ends 200 Years of Neutrality

Sweden, only two months into its NATO membership, is adapting its defense strategy after 200 years of military neutrality.

Insurers And Shippers Combat Piracy In Southeast Asia

The threat of piracy and armed robbery (PAR) in Southeast Asia is not as severe as commonly portrayed in news reporting.


On January 1, 2024, Nigerian pirates attacked the Hana 1, a small chemical tanker in Equatorial Guinea's waters, kidnapping nine crew members.

The Red Sea attacks highlight the erosion of US leadership in the region

Six months into the Biden administration's Operation Prosperity Guardian, aimed at ensuring freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, the primary challenge has not been the Houthi threat but the failure..

Saudi Arabia Has a Red Sea Vision, Not Yet a Strategy

Since the mid-2010s, Saudi Arabia has centered its foreign policy on the Red Sea, driven by domestic, regional, and international dynamics.