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The Crucial Role of Public/Private Partnerships in the Red Sea Crisis

In the realm of global shipping routes, the Red Sea stands as a vital chokepoint, necessitating robust maritime security measures.

Escalation Beneath the Waves: The Looming Threat of Houthi UUVS in the Red Sea

The Red Sea, a crucial artery for global trade, faces a new menace in the form of Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUVs) deployed by Yemen's Houthi rebels.

Intelligence Brief: China Controls the South China Sea

The South China Sea, now essentially controlled by China, sees several million barrels per day of oil and other goods transit through its waters.


Global trade, vital for modern economies, primarily relies on maritime routes.

Does manipulating AIS data help ships avoid Houthi attacks?

The Red Sea poses a significant challenge for shipping companies. They are caught between the risk of Houthi missile attacks when passing through the Suez Canal and the added expense of..

Abandon ship — growing use of uncrewed vessels threatens Africa maritime security

The utilisation of maritime drones for offensive operations in the Black and Red Seas signals a shift in naval warfare.

The Maritime Industry Has Unique Cybersecurity Challenges

The Biden-Harris Administration's recent Executive Order highlights the pressing need to bolster cybersecurity within U.S. ports.

Maritime security: How geopolitics hardens threat patterns at sea and challenges known solutions

The shifting dynamics of geopolitics are extending their reach to the seas, amplifying concerns over maritime security.

Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean Attacks Expose Africa’s Maritime Vulnerability

The Red Sea has become a hotspot of maritime insecurity, with the Houthi militia in Yemen orchestrating a series of attacks since November 2023.

Operation Aspides: The European Union’s Response to the Red Sea Crisis

In response to escalating Houthi attacks on maritime vessels in the Red Sea and northwestern Indian Ocean, the European Union launched EU Naval Force Operation Aspides on February 19.