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        US offshore oil & gas installation at 'increasing' risk of cyberattack

        The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has warned that the time to act on securing the US's offshore oil and natural gas installations is now because they are under "increasing" and "significant risk" of cyberattack.

        100+ unmanned vessels to be deployed in Gulf region’s strategic waters

        A US-led task force will deploy over 100 unmanned vessels in the Gulf region’s strategic waters by next year to stave off maritime threats, the US Central Command chief said Saturday.

        Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 28th November 2022

        Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 28th November 2022.

        Nigeria's Pirates Switch From Kidnapping Seafarers to Stealing Oil

        The Gulf of Guinea is witnessing a shift in the dynamics of piracy, with criminal networks moving away from targeting commercial maritime and switching to oil bunkering, theft and illegal fishing, a..

        Maritime Security: An Opportunity For UK EU Cooperation?

        Gesine Weber analyses the maritime security strategies of the UK and the EU, highlighting that their respective ambitions in this domain could make maritime security an area of fruitful cooperation. 

        US-Taiwan-Japan Maritime Safety Working Group Report

        A working group with experts from Japan, Taiwan, and the United States discussed maritime safety issues and the possibility for closer maritime safety cooperation.

        ‘Dark Ships’ Spotted In The Nord Stream Mystery

        Two vessels that had their automatic identification systems (AIS) switched off reportedly sailed close to the leak sites of the Nord Stream 2 pipelines a few days before those were ripped open due to..

        Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 21st November 2022

        Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 21st November 2022.

        National Maritime Security Strategy to be adopted by April next year

        The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) and Department of Transport (DoT) will adopt South African’s new National Maritime Security Strategy (NMSS) by April next year, after final tweaking..

        U.N. Secretary General says Black Sea grain deal extended

        A deal aimed at easing global food shortages by facilitating Ukraine's agricultural exports from its southern Black Sea ports was extended for 120 days on Thursday.