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Luxury charter yachts ready to welcome guests in Turkey

Turkey is preparing for the upcoming Mediterranean luxury yacht charter season with a series of easy to follow measures to ensure the safety of locals and travellers this summer season. Turkey is a..

Counter Narcotics: Drug Smuggling in Commercial Shipping

Illicit drug producers continue to develop complex trafficking patterns, targeting commercial vessels and their crew to transit their supply through multiple stopover and transit points. The safety..

Mozambique: South Africa deploys forces after jihadist attack

South Africa deployed troops to Mozambique on Friday following an attack by "Islamic State" (IS) militants in the northern town of Palma last month. The announcement was made during a televised..

Why the Suez Canal and other choke-points face growing pressure

APOLOGIES DO NOT come much bigger. This week Shoei Kisen Kaisha, a Japanese firm, issued a grovelling press release after its ship, the Ever Given, became wedged in the Suez Canal. High winds..

Will Panama Canal avoid Suez-type logjam?

The Suez Canal is open again, now that the container ship Ever Given has been refloated. Could the same thing happen to the maritime world’s other shortcut, the Panama Canal?

What is the nature of risk to commercial operations within the Gulf of Mexico?

The probability of maritime crime and piracy within the Gulf of Mexico negatively impacting commercial operators is low. However, a concerning trend is emerging in the Southern Gulf of Mexico states..

"Yacht Industry Faces Closure" As Foreign Clients Locked Out

The yachting industry has been crippled by the travel restrictions imposed on foreign visitors to combat the covid 19 pandemic and over 2,000 people who earn a living from boat repairs and other..

Creating a sustainable future for superyachts

Let’s start with the positive news. Superyachts are cool. On board, you can always find the latest and the greatest technologies, from the technologies used to build the hull, the engines and..

Crossover criminal vessels: a Growing illicit maritime trend

On 12 July, 2019, a cooperative operation involving INTERPOL, the non-governmental organization Global Fishing Watch, and a variety of states, most notably Indonesia, resulted in the arrest of the MV..

US Virgin Islands offer cruising bubble for superyachts

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Caribbean finds itself once again in the midst of an uncertain winter season, with most islands enforcing stringent entry requirements for yachts cruising..