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Drone Strikes

Israel divides the Middle East

In the Middle East, a complex power struggle is underway among three key states: Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, all with varying degrees of hostility towards Israel.

Israel’s Maritime Industry Asks The Government To Aid With Jump In War Insurance

The escalating conflict in Gaza has led to a tenfold increase in war risk premiums for ships bound for Israel, prompting industry stakeholders to seek government assistance in ensuring the continued..

Only two scenarios for Russia’s war against Ukraine

There can be no such thing as a “draw” to resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Any outcome other than victory for the Ukrainians, as they define it, will be a victory for the Kremlin.

Ukraine Strikes Back Against Russia as World’s 1st Drone War Escalates

While the Ukrainian authorities typically prefer not to acknowledge responsibility for individual incidents, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has publicly warned that the war is now “returning..

Russia repelled a mass attack by Ukraine's high-speed marine drones on a reconnaissance warship in the Black Sea

Russian forces fought off a mass attack by Ukrainian high-speed marine drones on a Russian naval ship in the Black Sea, the defense ministry said on Sunday.

Can a new wave of drone tech make Africa’s seas safer?

The growing sophistication and affordability of unmanned systems could ease Africa’s shortage of maritime security resources.

Military Use Of Drones Is A Dangerous Dimension Of Proxy War; Commercial Vessels At Grave Risk

A few years ago, drones began to be used for spying and surveillance. But the military use of drones is of recent beginning.

Japan puts modern drone into operation to enhance maritime security

The Japanese Coast Guard has put a highly sophisticated U.S.-made drone that can circle the whole country’s maritime area into operation amid increased tensions in the region.

Iran’s Drone Piracy Shows How Naval Warfare Is Changing

At sea and over Ukraine, unmanned military systems are taking over from expensive legacy systems.

Lebanese navy to operate drones to aid maritime border security

For the first time Lebanese Naval Forces have received drones to integrate into their maritime border security missions along the Middle East nation’s 225 km long coastline.