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        How History Predicts COVID-19’s Impact on Maritime Piracy

        By Brandon Prins, Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee 2020 was a bad year for maritime piracy. The global number of sea-piracy incidents rose by over 20% from 2019 and West Africa..

        Cold Snap Shuts Houston Ship Channel & US Gulf Coast petchem plants

        A deep freeze that hit Texas over the weekend wrought more havoc on the U.S. energy sector on Tuesday, curbing output in the largest U.S. oil field, knocking out a fifth of the nation's refining..

        Gulf rivalries are spilling into Africa’s Horn

        The narrow waters separating the Arabian peninsula from the Horn of Africa have never served as much of a moat. Goods and people routinely cross. Iran and the United Arab Emirates, in particular, are..

        Dryad Global Annual Report 2021

        Our annual report is on its way. Join our team as we reflect on an extraordinary year in global maritime, security & shipping.

        The Cautionary Tale of Lianpengu 809

        An insight into the operations of West African pirates, a guest blog from Craig de Savoye, West Africa specialist at Protection Vessels international.

        Abandoned Crew Forced To Collect Rain Water To Survive

        Luis Alberto Veloso is one of four abandoned seafarers on board the Togo-flagged MV Onda who has gone one year without pay. The ship and its crew are abandoned in the port of Douala, Cameroon by Amin..

        Will the Wakashio wreck improve Africa’s ability to respond to maritime disasters?

        Despite decades of policy work, countries party to the Nairobi Convention still have different capabilities in responding to marine pollution incidents, including equipment and personnel. During a..

        Number of Small Fishing Vessels Smuggling Illegal Drugs Triples

        A lack of options for commercial fishermen in coastal communities has led to a boom in trafficking.

        The Number of Small Fishing Vessels Smuggling Illegal Drugs Has Tripled

        A lack of options for commercial fishermen in coastal communities has led to a boom in trafficking  

        The impact of COVID on maritime gender pay

        It looks like the gender pay gap in the maritime industry has taken one step forward and two steps back. Today, Spinnaker’s Maritime HR Association shared their gender pay gap statistics for 2020...