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Italian special forces storm Turkish cargo ship after attempted hijack

Stowaways allegedly tried to take sailors hostage after being discovered on Galatea Seaways bound for France.

Action can be taken to mitigate the impact of kidnap on crew

Although shipmanagers and owners are taking ever greater steps to protect their crews, the fact is that piracy is rife throughout parts of Asia, Africa and the Americas and it is likely that on any..

Crew Kidnapped from Eagle Bulk Vessel off West Africa Released

Three crewmembers kidnapped from a bulker off the coast of Gabon in West Africa have been released after approximately three weeks in captivity.

Nigeria outlaws ransom payments

The Nigerian Senate has passed a bill imposing jail terms of at least 15 years for paying a ransom to free someone who has been kidnapped, and made the crime of abduction punishable by death in cases..

New international employment rights for seafarers captured by pirates

The introduction of new international employment rights for seafarers captured by pirates, comes into force on 26 December 2020. The amendment, comes during a resurgence of recently reported piracy..

No Space for Complacency as African kidnap numbers rise

Shipowners' organisation Bimco has urged Nigeria to step up efforts to safeguard seafarers as more and more crew are kidnapped from vessels in the Gulf of Guinea. The plea from the..

Experts warn Somali piracy risks remain as final hostages released

The release of three Iranian crew members, on 20 August, marks the end of the Somali piracy era, however, seafarers still should remain vigilant in these waters, warn security experts.

The kidnapping business that sustains the economy in the Niger Delta

The nearest port of Lagos is 230 nautical miles away, approximately 426 kilometers. Since June, the Curacao Trader , an oil tanker managed by the Greek company Alison Management Corp, has been..