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          Persian Gulf

          State TV says Iranian speedboats intercepted US Navy vessel

          TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran’s state TV reported Thursday that speedboats belonging to the country's paramilitary Revolutionary Guard have intercepted U.S. vessels in the Persian Gulf. A U.S. Navy spokesman..

          Saudi-led coalition intercepted Houthi drone from Yemen

          Drone, heading towards the southwest Khamis Mushait region, was shot down by Saudi air defence, coalition said.

          Israeli-owned vessel bound for UAE said struck in Indian Ocean

          Official says cargo ship owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer; sources tell pro-Hezbollah TV channel unknown weapon causes fire onboard. 

          US sanctions become blessing in disguise for Iran’s energy sector

          US sanctions on Iran have backfired. As demonstrated by its completion of a major oil pipeline, Goreh-Jask, which bypasses the Strait of Hormuz, Tehran has turned the hardship of sanctions into a..

          Alleged Tug Boat Hijacked within Persian Gulf

          Pirates have hijacked an Iraqi ship that was stranded outside the country’s waters and took it to an unknown location, the MP for the Basra governorate said on Sunday.

          Increase in attacks on ships in the Middle East

          Recent tensions at sea include allegations by Iran that Israel has carried out an attack on one of its cargo ships in the Mediterranean.

          Why some ships vanish before unloading in the Middle East

            On a radar map, the northern mouth of the Suez canal resembles a Bermuda Triangle-sur-Mer: ships have a habit of disappearing. So it was with the Emerald, an oil tanker which went through the canal..

          Will the Biden Presidency lead to greater maritime security in 2021 within the Persian Gulf?

          Anticipating the Biden Administration’s Iran strategy is crucial for understanding future risks to maritime operators in the Persian Gulf. Though the new U.S. Administration has officially offered to..

          U.S. Aircraft Carrier Returning Home After Long Sea Tour Watching Iran

          The aircraft carrier Nimitz is finally going home. The Pentagon last month ordered the warship to remain in the Middle East because of Iranian threats against President Donald J. Trump and other..

          Iran hopes US will return to Obama-era nuclear deal

          Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has called on United States President-elect, Joe Biden, to return to the 2015 nuclear deal and lift sanctions imposed on Tehran by Donald Trump's administration...