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U.S.-South Korea Coordination Toward China: Maritime Security

The Taiwan Strait stands as a critical nexus in East Asia, drawing attention from South Korean observers who identify it as a potential flashpoint in US - China conflicts.

Strait of Hormuz/oil: Sanguine markets belie growing risk

As tensions rise in the Middle East due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, there is growing concern about the potential disruption of the vital Gulf shipping route through the Strait of Hormuz. While..

[OPINION] India, Japan and South Korea Should Work Together to Protect Shipping

Kabir Taneja is a research fellow in the Observer Research Foundation's strategic studies program in New Delhi.

‘Dark fleet’: Shipbrokers are on thin ice if they ignore Russia sanctions

There was an unusual drop of verbal acid in Andi Case’s roundup of the financial year for the world’s biggest shipbroking firm, Clarksons.

Splash investigation pinpoints the true scale of the shadow tanker fleet

One of the most discussed, debated questions in shipping these days is the size of the so-called dark or shadow fleet, the vast array of tankers that are travelling the world’s oceans under the..

The Future of Cybersecurity

Trying to predict what is going to happen with technology and the future is always risky.

Labor Disruptions at World’s Ports Quadruple as Discontent Grows

Labor unrest took an unusually heavy toll on ports around the world last year, and the outlook for continued economic instability could bring even more upheaval to global supply chains in 2023.

Welcome 2023: Industry’s wishes for a sustainable shipping

New year, new shipping! A brand-new year is a time for reinvention for many. And 2023 isn’t any different. With the start of a new year, it is a great opportunity to take the time to reflect on the..