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        Here’s How to Keep Your Crew From Being Pirated by Another Yacht

        Veteran yacht owners have been joined on the high seas over the past year by a flotilla of newer sailors, cast adrift from the corporate offices where once they were moved. Thanks to the popularity..

        Global Yacht Security Summary - March Update

        The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020 created unprecedented chaos and challenges for super yacht owners and operators.

        Superyacht chartering in the age of COVID-19

        Many superyacht charters are fixed under the MYBA’s (Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association’s) standard charterparty wording - the “MYBA Standard Charter” - which is subject to English law and London..

        "Yacht Industry Faces Closure" As Foreign Clients Locked Out

        The yachting industry has been crippled by the travel restrictions imposed on foreign visitors to combat the covid 19 pandemic and over 2,000 people who earn a living from boat repairs and other..

        Iranian hostility: Forceful diplomacy or reckless militancy?

        Anticipating the Biden Administration’s Iran strategy is crucial for understanding future risks for maritime operators in the Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman, and wider Indian Ocean.   Though the..

        Creating a sustainable future for superyachts

        Let’s start with the positive news. Superyachts are cool. On board, you can always find the latest and the greatest technologies, from the technologies used to build the hull, the engines and..

        Crossover criminal vessels: a Growing illicit maritime trend

        On 12 July, 2019, a cooperative operation involving INTERPOL, the non-governmental organization Global Fishing Watch, and a variety of states, most notably Indonesia, resulted in the arrest of the MV..

        US Virgin Islands offer cruising bubble for superyachts

        As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Caribbean finds itself once again in the midst of an uncertain winter season, with most islands enforcing stringent entry requirements for yachts cruising..

        Jihadism, Tobago and Trinidad: Securing the maritime space requires the world's attention

        Trinidad and Tobago, with their white-sand beaches and aquamarine waters, might not be the first place that comes to mind as a battlefield in the Global War on Terror. And yet the twin-island..

        Anchoring the Caribbean: Colombian Navy's Growing role in the region

        In October 2017, Hurricane Matthew devastated the island nation of Haiti. Nearly 1,000 people were reported killed and parts of the island were as much as 90 percent destroyed.