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Somali piracy, once an unsolvable security threat, has almost completely stopped. Here’s why.

In 2011, pirates carried out 212 attacks in a vast area spanning Somali waters, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, actions that the World Bank said cost the world economy US$18..

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 9th October 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 9th October 2023.

Key details behind Nord Stream pipeline blasts revealed by scientists

Researchers in Norway reveal further analysis of 2022 explosions as well as a detailed timeline of events.

China coast guard deploys ‘floating barrier’ to cut off disputed South China Sea shoal

Philippines says it ‘strongly condemns’ move at Scarborough Shoal which prevents its fishing boats from gaining access.

What Is at Stake For the EU in the South China Sea?

Both ASEAN and its European counterpart have strong incentives to strengthen their cooperation on maritime security issues amid increasing Sino-American frictions.

China’s Ten-Dash Line: Deciphering Disputes in the South China Sea

South China Sea issues remain complex, but India’s geopolitical imperatives in the region are clearer than ever.

Why is Iran focusing on its maritime capabilities?

Iran continually seeks to enhance its naval fleet and create an impression of considerable operational capabilities. In its conflict with the US, Iran focuses on naval forces not only because the..

Uncharted Waters: AI's Impact on Maritime & Shipping

Out now: Navigating the Future: Opportunities of A.I. Based Solutions. Watch the full seminar from Dryad Global and Norton Rose Fulbright at London International Shipping Week.

India planning a 175-ship Navy fleet to counter China in Indian Ocean: Report

The Navy currently has 132 warships, combined with 143 aircraft and 130 choppers.

Weekly Maritime Security Threat Advisory 2nd October 2023

Access the latest Maritime Security Threat Advisory for the week commencing 2nd October 2023.