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China: Sea ports renege quarantine, promote marine trade

Chinese sea ports removed nucleic acid tests or centralized quarantines for incoming crew members who change shifts, starting on Sunday, as part of the latest moves to optimize COVID-19 response.

Piracy & the Pandemic: Maritime Crime in Southeast Asia, 2020-22

At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 there were concerns that maritime crime in Southeast Asia would surge due to an expected global economic slump. In this picture, vessels are seen..

Vaccination for international ocean-going seafarers

Singapore has announced that it will offer vaccination to international ocean-going signing-on seafarers.

Missing Turks found murdered in Iraq

Dozens of people have been arrested after the bodies of 13 Turks who had been missing for five years were found in a cave. All had been shot. Eight have been identified as soldiers and police..

How History Predicts COVID-19’s Impact on Maritime Piracy

By Brandon Prins, Professor of Political Science, University of Tennessee 2020 was a bad year for maritime piracy. The global number of sea-piracy incidents rose by over 20% from 2019 and West Africa..

Why register vessels in the Cayman Islands?

The yachting industry, like many other travel-related industries, was initially hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are now signs of recovery in the area of yacht sales and charters and..

UN resolution on keyworker seafarers

UN General Assembly Resolution calls for seafarer key worker designation and implementation of crew change protocols; IMO Secretary-General urges priority vaccination. The United Nations General..

St. Maarten announces COVID-19 testing protocol for yachts

The St. Maarten government has approved a new protocol for yachts for the 2020/21 Caribbean season. The protocol, set out in the following, is subject to change based on the continuously evolving..

Superyachts Flock to Indian Ocean Beauty Spot as Restrictions Lifted

The exquisite cruising grounds of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean are open for superyachts. Since lifting Covid-19 restrictions, the Maldives has attracted a number of foreign-flagged superyachts..

COVID-19 and the Straining U.S. Merchant Marine

On July 29, 2020, the heads of three maritime unions – Marshall Ainley of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association, Don Marcus from the International Organization of Masters, Mate & Pilots, and..