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        Libya (2)

        LNA declares north of Sebha military operations zone

        The Libyan National Army (LNA) declared the areas north of Sebha, especially Zallaf, a military operations zone, in which movement of vehicles and individuals is prohibited.

        Egypt opens naval base close to border with Libya

        Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has inaugurated a large naval base on Saturday 135km from the border with Libya.

        Violence towards refugees at Libyan detention centres forces MSF out

        Medical charity says abuse and attacks have escalated as more migrants are intercepted at sea and camps become increasingly overcrowded.

        Spain reopens its embassy in Libya

        The Spanish Embassy in Libya reopened on June 3rd. Libya’s head of government said during a press conference marking the occasion that the country is experiencing a historic moment.

        Will Libya commander Haftar run in December’s election?

        The renegade military commander is holding rallies and polishing his image ahead of polls, according to Libya observers.

        Italy says Libyan coastguard fired on its fishing boats

        The Libyan coastguard on Thursday fired on three Italian fishing boats, injuring the captain of one of the vessels, Italian authorities said.

        The Libyan Interim Government: Hopes and Challenges

        Libya has suffered years of violence and volatility. Recently, Libyan delegates to a conference in Geneva approved the re-formation of two entities: the Presidential Council (PC) and the Government..

        Ten Years after the Arab Spring, Libya has Another Chance for Peace

        Just over ten years ago, the United Nation’s no-fly zone over Libya marked the beginning of the Libyan revolution and the West’s bombing campaign.

        Force Majeure declared at Marsa al Hariga- Libya

        Libya's National Oil Corp (NOC) declared force majeure on exports from the port of Marsa al Hariga after Arabian Gulf Oil Co suspends output over a budget dispute. 

        Armed Group Blocks Mellitah oil Complex - Libya

        An armed group forcibly closed the entrances and exits of the Mellitah Oil Industrial Complex in western Libya, near Tripoli.