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Threats and Challenges to Trade in the Red Sea: Should Europe Be Concerned?

A highly strategic arena for regional and international actors alike, the Red Sea serves as a critical waterway for global trade, making the Red Sea region a key geopolitical interest for Europe.

Navy Want Middle East Countries in Unmanned Maritime Awareness Network

The commander of the U.S. Navy in the Middle East is pitching more countries in the region to use more unmanned systems to counter criminal activities and possible terrorist and military threats off..

Houthis announce end of truce, threaten oil companies in region

The Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen announced Saturday that attempts to reach an understanding during a six-month ceasefire with Saudi Arabia that expires Sunday had reached a "dead end."

The US and changing geopolitics of the Red Sea

A great power scramble for the Red Sea region is witnessed as recent geopolitical events have boosted the strategic relevance of the region.

Gantz reveals 'unusual' Iranian military activity in the Red Sea

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz unveiled recent satellite images showing four Iranian military ships in the Red Sea while at the Annual Economist Government Roundtable in Greece.

US, Netherlands back UN aim to raise $144 million for Yemen’s Safer tanker emergency operation

The US and the Netherlands support UN efforts to address and avert the economic, environmental, and humanitarian threats posed by Yemen’s Safer oil tanker in the Red Sea region.

Blaze at port of Suakin, Sudan

Firefighters have contained a large blaze that erupted in a cargo area of the Sudanese Red Sea port of Suakin, the port’s director said Thursday.

The increasing complexity of maritime security in the Red Sea

The US last month established a new Combined Task Force 153 within the Combined Maritime Forces in the Middle East to focus on the Red Sea. The new task force reflects growing international interest..

Houthis renege on new deal to prevent Red Sea oil spill disaster

The Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen on Sunday reneged on a deal to head off an environmental disaster in the Red Sea, only hours after reaching an agreement with the UN.

By targeting civilian ships, Iran ‘had last word’ in sea shadow war with Israel

Professor Rear. Admiral (Ret.) Shaul Chorev tells JNS that Israel needs a more thought-out strategy when it comes to dealing with the Iranian threat at sea, as well as combat that has become..