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The Crucial Role of Public/Private Partnerships in the Red Sea Crisis

In the realm of global shipping routes, the Red Sea stands as a vital chokepoint, necessitating robust maritime security measures.


Global trade, vital for modern economies, primarily relies on maritime routes.

The Maritime Industry Has Unique Cybersecurity Challenges

The Biden-Harris Administration's recent Executive Order highlights the pressing need to bolster cybersecurity within U.S. ports.

Red Sea and Western Indian Ocean Attacks Expose Africa’s Maritime Vulnerability

The Red Sea has become a hotspot of maritime insecurity, with the Houthi militia in Yemen orchestrating a series of attacks since November 2023.

Red Sea crisis nears boiling point, unable to heat up spot rates

Russian warships recently entered the Red Sea, their objectives shrouded in ambiguity.

The Quad: Responding to China’s Moves Into the Indian Ocean

President Mohamed Muizzu of the Maldives, inaugurated in November 2023, has adopted a pro-China stance, advocating for the removal of Indian troops and fostering closer ties with Beijing.

How maritime law enforcement can combat China’s gray-zone aggression

In recent events, China's Coast Guard has displayed aggression in the South China Sea, notably forcing a Filipino fishing crew away from Scarborough Shoal, a territory recognized as belonging to the..

Chinese aggression ramps up in the South China Sea

In 2023, the South China Sea witnessed an alarming surge in Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) and maritime militia activities, igniting heightened maritime tensions, notably around the Philippines.

Impact of Red Sea crisis on Africa – red flag or red herring?

The Red Sea crisis poses significant economic challenges for African countries, compounding existing issues stemming from COVID-19 and the Ukraine conflict.

While the China threat grabs the headlines these are the maritime issues Southeast Asians want to talk about

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong delivered a stark admonition to Southeast Asian leaders, cautioning of a potential "devastating" conflict over the South China Sea unless diplomatic and legal..