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Splash investigation pinpoints the true scale of the shadow tanker fleet

One of the most discussed, debated questions in shipping these days is the size of the so-called dark or shadow fleet, the vast array of tankers that are travelling the world’s oceans under the..

Beyond Russia’s war against Ukraine

Russia’s war against Ukraine will be long, brutal, devastating and exhausting. It offers little prospect of a return to lasting peace.

China: Sea ports renege quarantine, promote marine trade

Chinese sea ports removed nucleic acid tests or centralized quarantines for incoming crew members who change shifts, starting on Sunday, as part of the latest moves to optimize COVID-19 response.

Reconstructing the postwar Black Sea region

The importance of the Black Sea region was made obvious by the invasion of Ukraine, and the area will likely play an important role in postwar reconstruction.

EU Could Ban European Insurance and Tanker Transport for Russian Oil

To accompany its proposed ban on the importation of Russian oil, the European Union may also decide to prohibit European companies from providing maritime transport for Russian petroleum, anywhere in..

Can 'Nato of the seas' ensure stability in trade in the Indian Ocean?

A mariner’s map is the inverse of a landlubber’s: the continents are blanks while coastlines and seas are rich with symbols. The same inversion of perspective illuminates energy geopolitics.

Not all maritime disputes are built the same

Maritime disputes in Southeast Asia should be viewed less as a single big basket of problems, and more as smaller individual problems with their own corresponding solutions. There is not a..

The Ukraine Conflict: fundamentals, conflict dynamics and commercial considerations

The Ukrainian Conflict: fundamentals, conflict dynamics and commercial considerations, our latest edition of Metis Insights is available now.

Sudan export highway blockaded as protests stoked by trade woes

Hundreds of truck drivers are stuck in a blockade of a major export route out of Sudan into Egypt, hampering exports of camels and other livestock as opposition to a military takeover has fuelled..

Concerns over Panama Canal working conditions

The International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P) warned of another supply chain crisis in the Panama Canal which has the potential to impact international maritime trade “to an extent..