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        Libya (6)

        Explosion at west Tripoli checkpoint is alleged ‘‘suicide bomber’’

        An explosion that took place yesterday morning, the anniversary of Qaddafi’s coup against the Libyan Kingdom back in 1969, at the western Tripoli entrance checkpoint (Ghiran/Janzur) is a suspected..

        Libya Exports Stored Crude From Marsa El-Brega

        Libya has begun exporting crude from the Marsa el-Brega oil terminal to free up storage space at the port.

        Libya's UN ambassador wonders if Libya will commit to ceasefire

        The Libyan ambassador to the United Nations Taher El Sonni said the ceasefire agreement by the Presidential Council and House of Representatives in Tobruk isn't the first, saying he hoped this time..

        Libya's NOC welcomes proposal to end oil blockade

        Libya’s National Oil Corporation welcomed on Friday proposals from both sides in the country’s conflict to lift a seven-month oil blockade and place revenues in a special bank account until a..

        Suggestions of Partial Removal of Oil Blockade in East Libya

        Libyan National Army (LNA) sources have suggested they may allow limited oil exports from Oil Crescent/Eastern terminals. The decision has been taken due to a need to free up storage space, which..

        Turkish, Qatari & German ministers visit Libya amid ceasefire efforts

        Turkey and Qatar’s defence ministers and Germany’s foreign minister visited the Libyan capital Tripoli on Monday amid efforts to secure a ceasefire in the divided country, Libyan and Turkish media..

        Greece moves in naval fleet to Mediterranean over Turkish encroachment

        Greece has moved in almost its entire naval fleet in response to manoeuvres in the eastern Mediterranean by a Turkish research vessel and accompanying warships.

        Greece calls Turkey's seismic survey in Mediterranean illegal

        Turkey dispatched a vessel to conduct a seismic survey in a disputed area in the eastern Mediterranean, a move which Greece said was illegal and is likely to heighten tensions between the two NATO..

        Egypt and Greece agree exclusive economic zone in Mediterranean.

        Egypt and Greece signed an agreement Thursday to set up an exclusive economic zone in the eastern Mediterranean amid regional tensions over energy resources in the area. Egyptian Foreign Minister..

        Libya: Trump security adviser warns against foreign military Intervention

        The United States on Tuesday condemned all foreign military involvement in Libya, including the use of mercenaries and private military contractors, and said Libyans themselves must rebuild a unified..